URA arrests South Sudanese with fake dollars

The suspect

Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] Wednesday said it had arrested a South Sudan national who was found in poession of materials for making fake dollars.

Duach Chuol Kaylech Toang, a Sudanese national was just a normal traveller crossing Malaba OSBP by bus from Kenya through Uganda to ultimately go to South Sudan.

As is the norm, travellers crossing the border are checked and so is their hand luggage.

One by one, their hand luggage went through the non-intrusive hand luggage scanner at the border without a problem until it was the turn for Duach’s luggage.

Victoria University

The hand luggage Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) scanner at the border picked up something uncanny which prompted the team to physically inspect the luggage.

They found bundles of papers the size of a dollar and some liquid among other things in the suspect’s hand luggage.

On face value, they were just papers but upon application of the liquid (chemical) contained in Duach’s luggage, the papers transformed into fake dollars.

Duach records a statement

Immediately the suspect, Duach was arrested and he is set to face the law.

Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) technology, a powerful tool against smuggling continues to put many smugglers away.

Duach at the border

Facilitation of legitimate trade and protection of society from harmful products are two of customs core mandates, URA said.



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