Stop wasting time in meetings, Museveni tells officials

NRM NEC members at State House Entebbe

President Museveni has said the trick to keeping in shape is to never get anxious.

The president this week told BBC that he had chopped 30kg by remaining fit and eating cassava, bananas, Irish potatoes and vegetables.

“I’m 75, I have no blood pressure or diabetes and if you bring trouble we will sort our issues here,” he told NRM NEC members at State House, Entebbe.

As for the trick to this, Museveni said: “I never get anxious because anxiety is not good for leaders.”


He then took a swipe on government officials who waste time in meetings and going to churches.

“I see you going to Church every day and I wonder what you go to do there. I do my work and leave everything to God.”

“I’ve never met Jesus but I’m a Christian. At least I’ve met the Pope. Do I need a meeting to know Jesus’ teachings?”

He directly lambasted government officials: “You waste a lot of time on meetings. Understand the message and pass it out clearly through the cheap media [Daily Monitor].”



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