Otto offers Ofwono land title in hell

MP Odonga Otto

Aruu County MP Odonga Otto claims the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] is spending tax payers’ money to hold its upcoming delegates conference at Namboole stadium.

“Where did the NRM get the money and where is the money banked for the NRM Delegates Conference?” wondered Otto while appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme last Thursday.

“We need to be told. We don’t want people to go to Namboole to graze on taxpayers money.”

According to Otto, NRM rebel MPs should be thanked for being patriotic by “telling the 70-year-old man to go home and rest”.

Victoria University

“What will happen at the NRM Delegates Conference is dishonesty and stealing of taxpayers money.”

He turned to government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, “you go and put on yellow and put up your thumbs but you should know that people are not happy, there is a volcano.”

“Is the ground fair? The FDC conference was blocked and turned into a workshop.”

He said Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s consultations were blocked yet NRM Party conference is freely being conducted.

“Is multiparty working? The ground is not levelled. If there was some free land somewhere, I would give Ofwono Opondo land with a land title in hell.”

He added: “The way he is explaining the achievements of NRM as if we live in different worlds.”

On President Museveni’s trek, Otto said: “I think President Museveni needs to walk, this is the only opportunity he has, when again will he walk?”

Opondo responds

Opondo who was on the same show said the NRM rebel MPs are members of NRM.

“For having voted the way they did, we can’t hold it against them. The position has been revised, they are invited for the NRM Delegates Conference.”

He said these members have since supported party positions on many occasions in Parliament, like the budget.

According to him, the most important topic for consideration in the coming NRM Delegates Conference is the mode of voting.

“We (NRM) wouldn’t take any lesson from DP because it is a very bad example. It was agreed that the party with the best numerical strength takes the lions to share of the money given to political parties.”

Opondo said if Norbert Mao is alleging that NRM gets money from people who want to do business with the government, he must prove it.

“Even in the bush, the NRM got support from the public, how sure are you that we can’t get it now? If you want to know where we get our money, go to EC.”

He added: “If you think the NRM is far less, let’s go to the population for them to choose the party that is more reliable. They will choose NRM because we are reliable. Where we have fallen short we have admitted and improved.”

He agreed not everybody is well off and comfortable, NRM has not claimed that.



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