I feel sorry for those who want to be leaders- Museveni

President Museveni

President Museveni has said he feels sorry for people who want to be leaders.

” You cannot be there as leaders, just there with the villagers, joining them in malwa, that you’re bonding with them. I don’t like that form of negative bonding,” he said.

Museveni was Friday addressing NRM National Executive Committee [NEC] at State House Entebbe.

“During this meeting, I will emphasise on two things; NRM ideology & strategy. Adingana amawolu yagajamu omukuto. I don’t know why Baganda don’t like mawolu. I like mawolu so much. When you persist, you will succeed. Here, I’m kudingana mawolu,” he said.


Museveni said when he was in London recently, he found people puzzled about Africa.

The wonder is that Africa is one of the richest contents on the globe in terms of natural resources, he said.

“However, they wonder how such a rich content can also have people who are the most backward.”

The president said when he was touring Uganda recently, he came across some Bagwere.

“They say, okukorela ekida kyonka; just working for eating. That was the problem of Ntungamo. By 1956, there were only three mabati houses. I knew all the homes there and all of them were working for ekida kyonka.”

Museveni said the problem is that Africa is outside these (white man’s) inventions.

And that’s where Africa’s problems which NRM has been telling people started from, he noted.

“We have been telling you that Africa’s problems started with Africans missing the bus of converting muscle power to machine power.”

He added: “When we were in Ntungamo busy on okukorela ekida kyonka (substance farming), people in other parts of the world were busy inventing machines after machine; converting muscle power into machine power.”

Museveni said he left Ntungamo for the first time to go abroad (Mbarara) at Mbarara High School.

“I visited Mbarara Stock Farm, the way they were looking after cows and arranging crops was different, I went back home and told my father about it and told him that we need to change.”

He said natural phenomenon was a problem to man but man being a wise animal, he tries to look for solutions.

“Man is created in God’s image. God commands you to go and multiply. Ahh, that one Africans do it very well,” he noted.



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