Besigye a shadow of his former self, writes Nambooze

Besigye and wife Winnie Byanyima

By Betty Nambooze

Beauty they say lies in the hands of the beholder, therefore by the judgement of Betty Nambooze, Kizza Besigye was a handsome man before he joined the struggle against the Dictatorship in Uganda. Today he lives a shadow of his former self….his bruised body tells the story of how Mr. Museveni treats his opponents.

The Guinness Book of Records recent release has recorded Warren Kizza Besigye Kifefe as the man among the living and dead, since the genesis of this World as the most arrested person! Interestingly the same man has never been convicted of any offence…This is evidence that he is an innocent man only persecuted by those in power. This Guinness Book of Records will, I guess form part of our evidence to the ICC.

Yet I think the managers of the World book of record were just mean, they should also register President Museveni as a ruler who has tormented his opponent most through Police arrested. I also think that either I or Ingrid Turinawe holds the record of the most arrested woman atleast in Uganda. Besigye’s driver Kato is another person who might capture a position in this World book so is Hon Mwijuke, Lord Mayor Lukwago and I feel sorry for Ugandans who have never had the opportunity to meet Besigye in person.

Victoria University

They judge the man they don’t know…They only know Besigye who is brought out by our Media lenses…They are sometimes confused by the propaganda mill of the enemy. Away from the Newspaper Besigye, as an individual Kizza Besigye is a very kind man, down to earth who never holds himself out as a VIP. Besigye makes everyone he works with feel as an equal and colleague, he is a humble man full of laughter and he is more of Medical Doctor than a politician most of his time.

One day we were moving with Besigye and a number of our cadres were squeezing themselves in his car…It was then when one of us complained loudly nti ” Banange emmotoka namwe mugiraba nfunda”… suprise Dr.Besigye remarked “Emmotoka terina buziibu, emitima gyaffe gyemifunda”.

Sure a person of Besigye’s status wouldn’t be expected to give lifts to lower cadres, few people can do this because even among us in the opposition we have ranks. He is our President for that matter but he consults and listens alot. He is one person, you look on with a smile as you veto his decision and politely takes on the role you assign him or labour to convince you on his position.

I can afford not to support Besigye, in a Presidential election, that I can do but I cant for whatever reason join anyone to demonise, malign or run a hate campaign against him. True like any other human being Besigye has weaknesses but we must all agree that he has given Ugandans a foundation in the struggle for the second liberation. Besigye is a freedom fighter of our generation….many great people are coming up after him but to me he will always remain the Mahta Ghandi of Uganda.The author is Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament



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