Bill to slim cabinet, eject army now in house

Hon Niwagaba and LoP Ocan presenting the bill

A delegation from the opposition led by Hon. Betty Ocan Aol, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, and Hon Wilfred Niwagaba Thursday appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs.

Shadow Justice Minister Niwagaba who is also the mover of the ‘Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2019 presented the bill before Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee.

The Constitution Amendment Bill, 2019 proposes a cap on the number of ministers to 21 and removes appointment of ministers who are already MPs.

The proposed Constitution Amendment Bill if passed into law will grant voters powers to challenge a presidential election.

Victoria University

A petition by a voter will require signatures of 100 voters from 2/3 of districts in Uganda.

The Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2019 proposes for removal of the office of the District Resident Commission under the justification that it is a duplication of services.

“In every district there is the RDC, Police Commander, Internal Security Officer, Secretary of Defense and Chief Administrative Officer for monitoring government services, thus this RDC position is a duplication of services,” Niwagaba noted.  

On removal of the Army from Parliament, Hon Niwagaba says the army is neither a marginalised group nor has it played its duty in preserving & defending the sovereignty of Uganda.

He says the army has failed to remain impartial by engaging in partisan politics.

Hon Edward Makmott Otto (Agago) said by the time of the Constituency Assembly, the army was considered for representation in Parliament because it had alot of grievances, “we had several occurrences of a coup overthrowing governments, it is not that it was a marginalized group”.

Jovah Kamateeka and Abdu Katuntu disagreed on interest groups’ term of service.

Katuntu thinks district women MPs shouldn’t stand for more than two terms while Kamateeka says women are still marginalised and that the ground isn’t yet leveled to compete for constituency posts.



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