People Power coordinator murdered, Bobi Wine blames police


Omara Bonny alias Masembe Solomon, the People Power youth coordinator of Amolatar district, is reported to have been killed.

Mityana Municipality MP, Hon. Francis Zaake, said Omara was murdered in Lira, Lango sub-region.

Before joining People Power, Omara was a staunch cadre of the NRM Party and a member of her National Council.

Zake said Omara was mobilising and establishing People Power structures in Amolatar before his death.

Victoria University

“We shall not bow down and retrograde. We shall struggle until this rogue regime is toppled,” Zaake noted.

His arms were tied

Bobi Wine speaks

People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine said Omara was a strong mobiliser and supporter of the People Power Movement in Lango Sub-region.

“According to the people we have spoken to, eyewitnesses saw Bonny’s body being dropped out of a speeding motor vehicle in Lira District on Sunday.”

Bobi Wine said Omara’s arms had been tied together, and the body bore marks of severe torture.

“His family and friends think that his murder was politically motivated although we are still doing everything within our means to establish the motive of this murder.”

“We encourage anyone who might have information about this heinous crime to reach out to us, but also report to the authorities.”

He said very sadly, police has consistently failed or refused to investigate such murders and other crimes against “our people”.

“Our legal team is compiling a list of these incidents and very soon, we shall demand for an inquest into murders of this nature. Ultimately, the battle shall be won.”



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