Speeding taxi kills 8 Kadodi dancers in Mukono


Police in Mukono is hunting for a driver of a taxi who is currently on the run after knocking eight people dead.

The incident happened on Saturday night when imbalu or kadodi dancers were preparing for circumcision.

The driver of the taxi Reg No. UAW 868K took off after knocking the victims.

The injured are currently being treated in hospital.

Victoria University

According to witnesses, the driver was overspeeding and lost control of the vehicle.

The dancers were also accused of being irresponsible while dancing in the middle of the road.

Kadodi dance accompanied by encouraging songs and crowd moving stunts in both villages and streets, is meant to help initiates boost their confidence three weeks or few days before they face the wrath of the knife.

It is a prerequisite for a boy to manhood initiation rite known as “Imbalu” through which boys aged 14 years and above are culturally initiated into adulthood, through circumcision.

Imbalu dance

The initiation ceremony takes place every even year. Initiates who don themselves in more light but colorful outfits, are designed by elders within their communities, having them dressed with animal hides, colorful beads with ash like painted faces from an ingredient of the local brew known as “Busera” or “malwa” to make them look fierce and bold to show elders that they are ready for initiation.

The communities of Bududa, Manafwa, Mbale, Sironko, Bulambuli, Mbale Municipality and the Babukusu in Kenya and Mount Elgon region.



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