MC Kats flees Butabika, camps at Bugembe home

MC Kats

At the close of last week, city MC Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats reportedly escaped from rehab and fled to the home of gospel singer, Pastor Wilson Bugembe.

Kats at the close of last year returned from London in UK where he was treated for HIV/AIDS and pneumonia.

On Saturday 11th January 2020, Kats checked into Butabika Mental Hospital Rehabilitation Centre with the help of close friends.

He was to stay there for atleast a week to get professional help.

Victoria University

On the same day, Kats appeared in a video saying he wouldn’t stay, accusing officials at the rehab centre of stopping him from drinking beer.

Last Friday, a video emerged showing MC Kats climbing on top of the roof at the rehab centre.

Guards were seen trying to stop him from jumping over the fence which, according to reports, he actually did and escaped from the facility.  

His first stop was at Pastor Bugembe’s Nansana based church on Sunday where he confessed his sins.

Kats said while it is known that he has HIV and has been with it for nine years, his family instead chose to label him as mad.

“My own mother spent Shs3m to have me taken to Butabika. Has anyone seen me running naked? I’m not mad. You should have given me that money and I buy a cow instead,” he fumed.

Kats also accuses the rehab centre of feeding him on posho, rice and beans.

He further accuses the facility of taking away his ARVs brought all the way from London only to be given those from Mulago hospital.

Kats was also given too many injections and not allowed to see his family especially his children.

He claims his sweetheart Fille came to the facility for four times but was not allowed to see him.



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