Close Marie Stopes abortion centres: petition


An online petition is seeking the closure of Marie Stopes abortion centres in Uganda.

The petition to the Minister of Health Hon. Ruth Aceng to revoke the licence of Marie Stopes in Uganda, has so far been signed by 5,543 people and is aiming for 10,000 signatures.


Marie Stopes an International Chain of abortion centres have been supplying Ugandans with fake condoms which just got withdrawn by the Ugandan government.

Victoria University

Condoms have never been safe but these ones were the worst! In their website they claim to have offered over 226,693 abortions in 2018 alone to Ugandans.

The centres purport to be offering “sexual and reproductive healthcare” but what they actually do is offer abortion even in countries where they are illegal like Uganda.

To offer abortions, they must sexualize young ones through Comprehensive Sexuality Education and once they become pregnant they offer them abortions at a fee.

Marie Stopes Uganda were just caught supplying fake condoms in Uganda, with such condoms youth are likely to have sex, become pregnant and run to their clinic for abortion. 

In the Marie Stopes Uganda website, they complain that teenagers are not using contraception yet, evidently the clinics intent is to make sure young ones have access to contraceptives even when they have side effects and their accuracy rates not 100% instead of encouraging abstinence and chastity.

Recently the chain of abortionists have been on the wrong side of the law in many countries in Africa as they got closed down in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Niger. 

In each of these countries they were caught flouting the law. In Uganda they are facing a number of civil suits resulting from their carelessness when offering the services they hide their abortion business under.

Marie Stopes main business is abortion, their mantra is children by choice not by chance but this has always landed them in trouble.

In Kenya, they were advertising their trade of killing unborn babies at a fee but were stopped before they could further their trade.

In Niger, the minister of health has shut down their clinics completely as they were caught offering abortions.

In Zambia and Tanzania, the government has defunded and are investigating them respectively.

In Nigeria they are in court defending themselves as they were caught procuring abortions.

Marie Stopes members of staff have admitted not once that their clinics major business is to carry out illegal abortions especially in Africa. In Uganda, their activities are felt and have angered residents.

It is time to stop Marie Stopes in Uganda and revoke their operating licence. Their directors should also be held accountable for their actions as well.

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