Besigye taken out of Nalufenya, driven home


Security Monday evening took opposition figure Kizza Besigye out of Nalufenya facility in Jinja district after hours of detention and drove him back home in Kasangati, Wakiso district.

His aide, Ronald Muhinda, said the decision to release Besigye followed running battles between police and FDC supporters in Jinja town.

“President taken out of notorious Nalufenya after Jinja went on fire demanding his release!” he said.

From Jinja, Besigye had expected to be detained at Naggalama Police station in Mukono district as in the norm.

Victoria University

At around 9:30 Muhinda told they had bypassed Naggalama and were on the way headed to Kasangati in Gayaza.

When they reached Karagi-Kasangati Road, Besigye was transferred from one police vehicle to another.

Muhinda said the first vehicle broke down.

Besigye was arrested while leading a procession from Bugembe to Jinja town.

Supporters burned flammables and blocked roads as they battled police.

The force responded by firing live bullets and teargas before calling in the army that towed Besigye’s vehicle to Nalufenya detention facility.



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