Voters give ICT minister Ogwang rooftop welcome

Minister Ogwang on the rooftop

The newly appointed State Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Peter Ogwang, Saturday returned to his Usuk constituency in Katakwi district for the first time since his appointment.

Youthful voters hoisted him up on the rooftop as he launched a new NRM office in Getom Subcounty.

The scene played out like when Zacchaeus, a chief tax-collector at Jericho, mentioned only in the Gospel of Luke, climbed a sycamore tree on Jesus’ path.  

A Zazzhecus

He was an example of Jesus’s personal, earthly mission to bring salvation to the lost, since tax collectors were despised as traitors, and as being corrupt.

Victoria University

 “Today, my youthful voters who were exceedingly excited lifted me on the roof of one of our staunch NRM supporter’s house.”

He added: “He had painted it yellow & wanted me to bless it. My efforts to resist fell on deaf ears.”

Ogwang opening NRM office

Ogwang, now labelled “King of Teso” then shared a video, saying, “This is how I got on the roof. My background is a humble one; today and forever.”

A one Abwoyo Margret [@margretabwoyo2] asked the minister: “So you bless the house? First, look at the nature of the house you are standing on. The only way to bless it by building for him a better structure.”

Ogwang replied: “The fact that it didn’t collapse with my weight, means it is strong enough.”

The minister said this is the most freaky thing that has happened to him this year.

People donated two bulls to him to appreciate his selfless service to the area.



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