NRM officials visit Namboole ahead of delegates meeting

Opondo and Tanga at Namboole

The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] party officials Saturday visited Namboole stadium to scout it ahead of the national delegates’ conference.

“Now at Namboole Stadium for venue inspection and setting for the 2nd meeting of 3rd National Conference of NRM,” said government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo.

Opondo who was escorted by NRM electoral commission chairman, Dr Tanga Odoi, said: “We expect 15,950 delegates from 24-25 January, 2020.”

Ofwono Opondo

Accreditation of National Executive Committee [NEC] members for the second meeting of the 3rd National Conference will take place at Kololo on January 23rd, starting 8am

Victoria University

Secretary General Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba will give a performance report for the last four years in detail at conference to be held at Mandela National Stadium in Wakiso district.

The main purpose of this conference is to effect amendments to the NRM Constitution (Reprint 2015).

The National Conference will be proceeded by the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and the National Executive Council (NEC) meetings that will be held on 23rd and 24th respectively.

Eligibility to attend the National Conference is as stipulated in the NRM Constitution Article 11(2).



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