Undressed Mbarara lady robbed minister’s supermarket

Doreen Atuhaire, the suspect

Doreen Atuhaire, the unfortunate young woman who was undressed and marched to police, reportedly stole from a supermarket belong to a minister.

According to sources, Fresco Supermarket in the heart of Mbarara town, belongs to former minister for Veteran Affairs, Hon Bright Rwamirama.

As we gathered, the supermarket located along Buremba-Kakoba road is run by the mother of Rwamirama’s son, Hon Mwine Mpaka, Youth Representative for Western Region.

She is also said to be related to opposition figure, Kizza Besigye, a claim we couldn’t independently verify.

Victoria University

“It is a family building. They don’t rent it. The minister’s daughters work from the same building where they sell second hand clothes and shoes,” the source explained.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon.

Atuhaire, a resident of Alliance in Biafra slum, was caught red-handed shoplifting drinks and female accessories.

She hid the loot in her dress while being recorded on live camera live feeds installed in the supermarket.

When it was time to make her escape, Atuhaire found all supermarket staff at the exit patiently waiting for her.

A female security guard helped her empty the dress of all the stolen items.

“She was harassed, undressed by Fresco super market though they later trashed allegations as some section of social media critics launched the campaign of #Stopshopping from Fresco,” an eyewitness told edge.ug.

The eyewitness confirmed Atuhaire was made to walk along the street before Mbarara Central Police Station, amid a cheering crowd.

She spent three days in police cells which angered activists the more since it breaches the 48-hour detention rule.

On Thursday, she was produced in Mbarara Chief Magistrates Court.

Grade One Magistrate Gordon Muhimbise charged her with theft and released her on Shs500,000 bail.

The last similar incident was recorded in Mbarara in 2014 when the mob assaulted and undressed a woman wearing a mini-skirt on Mbarara-Masaka road.



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