Congo army hunts ADF chief Baluku

ADF commander Musa Baluku

The Armed Forces of the DR Congo [FARDC] are now concentrating their efforts on the hunt for Afande Musa Baluku, commander of the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) on Congolese territory.

He is the last known leader of the Ugandan armed group present in the DRC.

Last week, the Islamist rebels killed 30 government soldiers and wounded another 70, some seriously, during fierce fighting.

Congo army captured the ADF’s headquarters at Madina, and killed 40 rebel fighters, including five of their leaders.

Victoria University

In December last year, US placed sanctions against five members of the ADF including the leader of the movement, Baluku.

Also targeted were five key ADF members who have materially assisted the ADF through recruitment, logistics, administration, financing, intelligence, and operations coordination.

They are; Amigo Kibirige, Muhammed Lumisa, Elias Segujja, Kayiira Muhammad and Amisi Kasadha

Musa Baluku is the leader of the ADF, an entity that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, serious human rights abuse related to his tenure.



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