PPDA probes Makerere gown scandal

Uthman Segawa

The Ag. Executive Director of Public Procurement & Public Assets Authority (PPDA), Mr. Uthman Segawa, has said government is investigating the Procurement Process for Makerere University graduation gowns.

He said the Authority in pursuit of the Government Policy of “Buy Uganda Build Uganda” issued Guidelines on “Reservation schemes to promote local content in public procurement”.

The revised Guideline dated 15th February 2018 provided for exclusive reservation of contracts by threshold for both national and resident providers for road works costing UGX 45 Billion and below and other public sector works below UGX 10 Billion’ Consultancy services that cost is UGX 1 Billion and below.

Addressing media Thursday at Uganda Media Centre, Segawa said other acceptable supplies are those whose cost is UGX 1 Billion and below; Non-consultancy services whose cost is UGX 200 Million and below.

Victoria University

“Reservation of at least 30% of the value of works contracted to foreign companies through subcontracting of sub-works and supply of materials, equipment and services to local providers as well as supply of uniforms and related clothing materials, electrical cables and conductors and medicines and medical supplies to manufacturers with facilities in Uganda.”

“We have been monitoring the implementation of the Guideline.”

He said there been an increase in the value of contracts for works awarded to local providers, increase in the value of contracts for supply of medicines and medical supplies, increase in the value of contracts for uniforms awarded to manufacturers.

Makerere gowns

“We are undertaking a contract audit on the procurement of gowns by Makerere following the press reports.”

He said providers are urged to report any breach of the Guidelines to the Authority.

According to him, the gowns procurement was below Shs1billion which means it should have gone to local manufacturers.

“With respect to the gowns, the PPDA has contacted Makerere University to provide it with the procurement file. We understand that this contract was signed in February 2017 before our guideline. The PPDA laws allows that even if you have a contract it can be amended.”

He added: “So we anticipate that Makerere should have amended this contract to provide that the supplier who was contracted should buy or source the materials from Uganda. We are undertaking a contract audit to find out what went wrong in this particular procurement.”

e-government procurement

According to Segawa, government is to start the pilot for the E-Government Procurement on 31st March 2020 for the 10 entities.

Roll out of central government entities to be undertaken on 30th September 2020 and local governments on 1st July 2021.

The Authority is to conduct massive stakeholder training including providers on the system starting February 2020.



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