I’m fed up with Museveni- NRM MP

MP Nsamba with Miria Matembe standing surety for Bobi Wine last year

Patrick Nsamba, MP Kassanda North, has spoken out on ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] blocking its own MPs from attending delegates conference on January 25 at Namboole for voting against age limit bill.

Appearing on NBS TV Wednesday morning, Nsamba said he was not warming up for the delegates’ conference, but some of his colleagues were.

“I am a person who always wants to go to places I can contribute. In this delegates’ conference, people will just pass what Museveni says and I was not excited about such activity.”

Nsamba said many members of the NRM feel that the political space must be opened up with the party, but every day that passes by, it is being closed up for one individual.

Victoria University

There is no way a political party that is not democratic can deliver democracy to a country, he noted.

Nsamba, who is among the dozen MPs barred from attending the conference, said the constitution expects every political party to operate democratically.

“For me to carry on with the fight for a peaceful transfer of power, I feel I will do that without carrying the NRM flag. It is a painful decision because I have been in NRM for some time, but I need to speak for a free Uganda. I like NRM the party, but I love Uganda more.”

Nsamba said he supported President Museveni, but since he amended the constitution, he is not going to support him again.

“Once my party agrees to anything against a better Uganda, I will not be part of it. Whomever they think will have a dissenting voice has not been invited for the NRM delegates’ conference.”

He said the Museveni of 1986 to 2000 loved the country and that is what his parents told him.

“It is wrong to think that all members of the NRM believe that it is only one man to take us forward.”

According to Nsamba, where political parties run effectively, under a delegates’ conference like this, members bring up challenges and reflect to see whether the progress responds to the needs of the people.

“But we are having a one-man show where what he thinks is what works. As a Secretary-General, the Kasule Lumumba I know would not have decided to exclude other party members. This shows she is not in charge.”

He added: “I know the consequences of facing off with NRM, but we need a better Uganda. If this is what I must go through to get a better Uganda, then so be it.”

Rather than staying prisoners in this country, it is high time everyone makes a small contribution, Nsamba argued.

Simon Kagwa Njala: Who is killing the NRM?

Patrick Nsamba: President Museveni. Many people have founded companies, but because of the wrong decisions they make, the companies fall apart. He has instilled fear among members of the party. He is killing democracy within Uganda. If you are to work with Museveni, you become a worker and not a contributor. I am fed up with President Museveni and not the NRM. NRM is redeemable if Museveni gives up the mantle.



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