Mao rallies opposition for coalition government


Democratic Party [DP] President General Norbert Mao is rallying opposition to form a coalition government which he says will correct the wrongs committed by the ruling NRM regime.

There is no way President Museveni would have ascended to the office had he played by the game, Mao said while appearing on NBS television recently.

He said at one point, every citizen will become an activist and there will come a tipping point, the signs are clear.

“Nobody can deceive us the post-Museveni time is not near. I want to tell Ugandans that we don’t go for elections because we trust the NRM and the Electoral Commission, it is because we trust Ugandans.”

Victoria University

He went on: “We hope that we can motivate them. Ultimately the monkey will expose itself. Every blow counts.”

According to Mao, there is a high level of scatter-mania in opposition but one fights with the army one has.

He said this requires a mind shift among opposition leaders.

“We need to form a coalition government that will correct the wrongs of the NRM. This year we’re supposed to be in a middle income status. I’m going to survey to find out where we are.”

He added: “If you serve the icing without the cake, it will cause diabetes. I prefer if you don’t like me, explode instead of pretending. It is our supporters creating a tag of war, they say either it is you or nobody else. It is supposed to be Uganda first.”

According to Mao, unity will inject a focus, galvanise those who don’t usually vote because they don’t think it is possible to defeat Museveni.

He said politicians in Uganda have lamented enough, they are now interested in who has a plan.

To him, there is no point in insisting on strategies that don’t deliver, people don’t have the patience.

“We need to focus on our love for the country. I believe that the manoeuvres of the NRM will continue. The EC will receive orders, arrests will be done and the army will run the elections.”

He added: “I find that the argument for change is now more than ever, we have to rise above our ambitions. In my culture, if you help yourself by the roadside, you cover with some leaves to show that you have a sense of shame.”



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