Besigye: we must defy Museveni like we defied British

Besigye addressing a crowd at Namboole stadium

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye has said the country will be better served if all focus on the purpose of an election.

Appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme Thursday night, Besigye said an election is supposed to ensure that each one’s voice is heard on an important issue.

“No leader as ever changed as a result of an election, therefore is there an election?” said the former presidential candidate who has stood against President Museveni four times.

“In 2016, I dissociated with the results, I was incarcerated illegally and the courts confirmed I was under illegal detention. I announced myself a winner and I was charged with treason. That case has never been heard yet we are going into another election.”

Victoria University

According to Besigye, the electoral process has already started yet the reforms that the court-ordered haven’t happened.

He said the chairman of the Electoral Commission Justice Simon Byabakama is in office illegally organising an election.

He cited an example where the Electoral Commission organised elections in electoral areas that don’t exist.

“That is the EC we are counting on.”


Besigye said what has happened in Kasese district should concern everybody and that Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere is still in detention.

“That was part of previous electoral violence.”

He cited another case where soldiers who came from the president’s office attacked Parliament to allow him to become a candidate in 2021.

“If the Constitution hasn’t changed, we would be talking of a different election. Court has been attacked in broad daylight twice.”

“Since we are the opposition, we are no longer welcome in the courts of Museveni.”

He called it a comprehensive State capture saying an election happens when people have the power to choose their leaders.

“We cannot go by the program of people we are trying to change. We must make our program. It is a struggle. We have set up the People’s Government as a struggle platform.”

“We must organise, it is only organised people who can fight. That is what we have been doing in the year of action. We need to defy authority of those who have captured us.”

He said the people of Uganda defied the British and made it impossible for the British to continue governing.

“If we are organised we can defeat the regime. Our role as leaders is to coordinate.”

He maintained that court has categorically passed a judgement that the elections are not free and fair.

The Constitution is very clear that Ugandans shall choose their leaders through free and fair elections, he said.

“Whether it is Parliament, it is not the investment, it is who counts the votes. If we want to resolve the question of governance we need to deal with the problem, state capture.”

He added: “We have to appreciate that we don’t have rights and fight to cause the changes. Ugandans are ready and they can overcome the powers. This year is a double 20. It is a special year.”



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