I love Jim Reeves music, Museveni tells Kanda Bongo Man

Museveni meeting Kanda Bongo Man

President Museveni has welcomed Congolese music legend Kanda Bongo Man to Uganda.

The president said he was happy to welcome Kanda Bongo alias (Kanda Bongo Man), to his Kisozi farm Tuesday morning.

“What is important to note is that there wouldn’t be music, business or industry without freedom and security,” Museveni said.

“That is why some of us, abandoned some hobbies to go and fight for freedom. Myself, I enjoyed football and Jim Reeves’ music.”

James Travis Reeves was an American country and popular music singer-songwriter.

Victoria University

Kanda Bongoman tells Museveni that he has personally suffered the plight of instability from his home country, forcing him to go to France when he was 17 years, and recently had to relocate from South Africa to the UK “when the fake Africans in South Africa carried out the xenophobic attacks”.

“This is a total shame because the majority of present South Africans originated from Cameroon.”

In Uganda however, nobody can talk against a fellow Africans because it is not the way of culture, Museveni noted.

“This is why we need all Africans on board for our next major assignment; to expand our market through economic and political integration.”



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