Congo army captures ADF rebels, gets info of sponsors

The paraded ADF rebels

Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo [FARDC] has captured several rebels attached to Allied Democratic Forces [ADF] outfit.

Congo army spokesman General Leon Richard Kasonga, said Monday among those captured include; elements of Ugandan, Burundian, Tanzanian, Central African origin and Mayi-Mayi militiamen of Congolese origin.

“These ADF terrorist rebels made overwhelming and disturbing revelations,” Gen Kasonga said.

He added: “These revelations focus on the identity of the sponsors of the killings, including politicians, businessmen and even young people from the citizen movements.”

Victoria University

Congo army on Tuesday last week neutralised four ADF rebels including a lady.

Gen Kasonga said this was possible due to the support of the population of Beni, Lubero and Butembo.

“We manage to continue operations against the ADF and their auxiliary forces in the region.”

On Saturday, hundreds of Rwandans linked to a militia in eastern DR Congo were handed to the Rwandan authorities weeks after they were captured.

Some 71 rebels and almost 1,500 family members and dependents were transported across the border, said Captain Dieudonne Kasereka, army spokesman in DR Congo’s South Kivu province.

The rebels were said to be members of a militia known as the CNRD — an offshoot of the FDLR, a group created by refugees in eastern DR Congo after the 1994 genocide of Tutsis by the majority Hutus in Rwanda.

Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has been plagued by overlapping conflicts and rebellions fuelled by ethnic and land disputes, competition for control of mineral resources and regional rivalries.



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