I’m biggest, most loved artiste in Uganda- Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Gagamel singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has said he is the biggest and most loved musician in Uganda.

He was Saturday appearing on UBC TV’s Magic 1 HD station’s “Horizon Vibe” programme hosted by Calvin The Entertainer.

“I’m so big now…it would be so bad for this country to lose me,” Bebe Cool said, narrating how he came from far.  

He added: “Today, I think I’m the most loved artiste in the country. I’m the King Maker of Ugandan musicians.”

Victoria University

Young dreams

Bebe Cool said he once approached his father and retired politician Bidandi Ssali when he wanted to build his first house as a young man.

“My father told me not to rush because a house can be a liability for a young man. He told me to instead build rentals that can bring money.”

Bobi Wine

Asked on his relationship with singing MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool said one can only get respect by giving it out first.

“I can’t respect you if you don’t respect me. I advise my friend to stop disrespecting elders.”

Bebe said he also sees issues with the ruling NRM government that need to be handled but approaches them in a cautious respectful manner.

“We work with the elders to tackle these issues. We cannot disrespect them.”

He cited an example of singer Edirisa Musuza aka Eddy Kenzo who abandoned Bobi Wine to join the ruling government.

According to Bebe, Kenzo realised that he had made a mistake and corrected it.

“For us who have worked with the president, we are ready to lose part of our audience today. They will return later after their eyes have been opened,” he noted.

Big is big

He cited a case in which Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] spokesperson Ssemujju Nganda told Ugandans to snub musicians who sung in President Museveni’s “Tubonga Nawe” project.

“You would be surprised how many musicians go to state house for money,” Bebe noted without naming anyone.

The singer narrated how he used his own car while campaigning for Museveni in 2016 elections and it even got damaged.

“I used my own car in campaigns. Then I told mzee [Museveni] to at least buy me a new car.”

He revealed that State House Comptroller, Lucy Nakyobe, started saving five years ago for cars that were given to himself and now Presidential Advisor on Kampala Affairs, Catherine Kusasira.

King Michael and Big Eye woes

Bebe Cool further advised artistes like King Michael to stop “pulling the president’s aerial” or pressuring the president.

“We don’t support NRM for the money but for the good of the country. We make money by making connections among NRM bigwigs.”

Another musician Big Eye who swore his allegiance to NRM said recently that pro-NRM musicians are being sidelined and not booked for shows.

Bebe says that is not the way to go and calls it a weak angle.

“All you need to do is make a hit song and people will still call you for shows. He is justifying the side of Bobi Wine not being allowed to perform. This is Kyagulanyi issue not a Bobi Wine issue. They are two people.”

“When Hon Kyagulanyi messes up and comes to perform as a musician….we need to differentiate. When he realises which one he needs to front first, then he will get it clear.”

Bebe told musicians to stop blaming NRM saying it has done its good things.

“Let’s keep doing our music as a first priority and stay away from politics. We stop talking too much on social media and instead go and record songs.”

King Maker of Ugandan musicians?

Bebe Cool described himself as the king maker of Ugandan musicians.

“I can even perform once in three months. It’s the brand that sells.”

He recalled a time when people like promoter Abitex tried to snub him inorder to cost him money and shows.

“I made new music. Now they are staging concerts and looking for my song “wire wire” and they can find it.”

He declared: “I’m the biggest artiste here.”

Kenzo and Rema

On his relationship with Eddy Kenzo, Bebe said the BET Award winner has always shown interest in working with him.

“His first dream was to work with Gagamel. I always pushed him away because he was young and his talent still lacking. Then he later hooked up with my daughter.”

Bebe agrees Kenzo has done his hassle and now deserves respect. He will perform at Bebe’s end of year Kiwatule show on December 26, 2019.

“He didn’t even ask me for money but wants to come and feel at home.”

Bebe said Kenzo is also going through a bad time because of his separation with former Gagamel songbird Rema Namakula.

“Rema issues have nothing to do with Bebe Cool,” he quickly clarified.



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