New cabinet: MP cites regional imbalance, stings Anywar


Joshua Anywarach, MP Padyere County, claims the weekend cabinet reshuffle did not address the question of regional imbalance.

“Most Ugandans were surprised that Morrison Rwakakamba [former presidential assistant for research] wasn’t on the list,” Anywarach said Monday while appearing on NBS television.

“If you go for regional balance, you must go full swing because other regions vote you. Even if they don’t vote you, they are part of the country.”

He said in the whole of West Nile, they don’t have a cabinet minister.

Victoria University

These political appointments have considered issues of loyalty, he asserted.

“I am happy for some appointments like Peter Ogwang [State minister for ICT] and Dennis Obua [State minister for sports].”

According to Anywarach, new Environment state minister Beatrice Atim Anywar’s appointment is a conflict.

“You will have a political and activism loyalty problem. You can’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

“Leaders come and go,” he said, recalling how all saw Anywar struggle between Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward and Forum for Democratic Change [FDC].

“With politics, it’s a little bit about playing with your cards well. So many people have left UPC, but it has never died. Parties must be bigger than individuals,” he added.

Rwakakamba, the current Global Senior Director of Policy at Fenix International, a company of ENGIE, who was appearing on the same show, noted:

“You can still have regional balance and at the same time have quality and competence.”

He said Anywar has been appointed to a sector she is very passionate about.

“What you need in the cabinet is that level of passion because they deliver. That is how you get everything out of them for the betterment of the economy.”

Rwakakamba said from the political prism, it’s a win for NRM because Anywar will use her power and position to deliver Kitgum district.



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