Mama Mabira Anywar named environment minister

Museveni and Anywar

President Museveni has appointed Hon Beatrice Anywar Atim as the new Minister of State for Environment.

Anywar replaces Hon. Kitutu K Mary Goretti who was appointed cabinet minister for Energy and Minerals.

Anywar (born 9 January 1964), serves as the incumbent Member of Parliament representing the Kitgum Municipality Constituency in the 10th Ugandan Parliament (2016 to 2021).

In the FDC political party

Victoria University

She entered Uganda’s elective politics by contesting for the Kitgum Municipality Constituency parliamentary seat in 2006.

She was elected, defeating the National Resistance Movement candidate Santa Okot.

She was appointed as the shadow minister for environment, during her first term in parliament, due to her environmental activism.

She became well known for her work to save the Mabira Forest in Uganda.

The president Yoweri Museveni, and the government, had prior to her work decided to sell the forest to the sugar company Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited (SCOUL) to cut it down and convert it into a sugar cane plantation for ethanol production.

Atim fought along with for example the National Association of Professional Environmentalists to stop the felling, and organized a boycott of SCOUL’s sugar.

In 2007, about 100,000 Ugandans demonstrated in a demonstration called the “Save Mabira Crusade” against the president and military to save the forest. Three people died and many were hurt.

Atim Anywar’s house was besieged by military and police, and she was imprisoned for terrorism.

As an independent politician

During the 2016 parliamentary election cycle, Betty Anywar lost the Forum for Democratic Change primaries.

She ran as an independent political candidate.

She won the parliamentary seat, with a comfortable margin, beating several high profile opponents.

In December 2017, during the parliamentary vote to remove presidential age limits, Beatrice Atim Anywar voted “Yes”, to the chagrin of opposition politicians.

She has since been close to the president and the ruling government.



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