Bobi Wine speaks on spies, plots to divide People Power

Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has accused President Museveni’s government of allegedly sowing discord among his People Power members and followers.

In his December 12, 2019 message, Bobi Wine said his trip to South Africa was immensely successful.

“However, there is a matter which I feel cannot and should not wait. The continuous mudslinging of comrades and branding them spies and moles should stop,” he said.

Bobi said over the course of these two years, many of the comrades he works with in People Power have been branded spies or enemies planted by President Museveni amongst them.

Victoria University

“I want to guide all of you comrades not to buy into such narratives which many times derail us and divert us from the cause.”

He added: “Yes, we are aware that many times dictators like Museveni are bound to compromise some of our colleagues.”

But first and foremost, he noted, what People Power is doing is not criminal.

“Whatever we say in private, we also say publicly. We are on a mission to end President Museveni’s dictatorship and we are not shy about it. It is not a secret.”

He said many times, these narratives are sponsored by the regime to sow discord amongst them and discourage their people.

“Our approach has always been that we do not judge people by what others say about them. We judge them by their actions.”

He added: “We shall see them by their fruits. Our strength lies in our unity, more so at this critical phase of the struggle.”



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