800 displaced by Bundibugyo floods- Red Cross

Red Cross officials counting displaced persons

Uganda Red Cross Society says victims of Bundibugyo floods have been temporarily settled at Bubukwang Camp in Bundibugyo district.

Red Cross said the death toll remains at 17 people while others are presumed missing.

A total of 800 people have been displaced by the floods. Red Cross made three referrals for the victims.

Government has since gazzetted Semliki Secondary School to temporarily settle the displaced persons.

Victoria University

On Sunday, Red Cross held a partners’ meeting to discuss response plan for Bundibugyo, Bududa and Sironko floods which claimed nine lives [eastern Uganda] and 17 in Bundibugyo. 

At Semliki Secondary School and Bubukwang Camp, families will be supported from here temporarily until situation normalises.

“As the country is experiencing heavy rains, many Communities are exposed to disease outbreaks and other Health risks,” Red Cross said.

It added: “And as more refugees come into the Country, our team in Kyaka II refugee settlement gives out sanitation digging kits for latrine construction per household.”

Bugisu death toll

Daily Monitor reported that 16 bodies have so far been recovered after landslides swept through villages in the mountainous districts of Sironko and Bududa in Bugisu Sub-region last Tuesday.

Ten bodies were retrieved from Naposhi and Namasa Villages in Bushika Sub-county and two from Naroko in Bunabutiti Sub-county.

Other four bodies were recovered from Bunagisa Village, Bumumulo Parish in Zesui Sub-county.

According to leaders and residents in both districts, more than 60 people are feared dead while scores are missing.

More than 500 displaced families have sought refuge in churches and schools.

The landslides also destroyed properties, gardens and killed unspecified number of animals.

In Sironko, more than eight people are also feared dead while about 1,000 others have been displaced with some seeking refuge at Bugimagu Primary school.

The affected residents who are surviving on porridge have accused government of abandoning them.



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