St Georges College Ibanda picked for 34th NRA anniversary


Cabinet sat on Monday December 9th 2019 at Office of the President, Apollo Kaggwa Road, Kampala, and noted that Celebrations marking the 34TH NRM/NRA Victory Day Anniversary will take place in Ibanda district.

According to Dennis Katungi, Ag. Executive Director, the ceremony will take place on Sunday 26th January 2020, at St Georges Ibanda Core Primary Teachers College, Kagongo Division, Ibanda Municipality, Ibanda District.

It will run under the theme: “Celebrating NRM/NRA Patriotic struggle that ushered in National Unity and Social-Economic Transformation.”

His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the president of republic of Uganda will be the Guest of Honour.

Victoria University

He will be accompanied by very important dignitaries from within the country and outside Uganda.

The President will among many functions that he is expected to preside over offer different categories of medals to Ugandans who have offered distinguished services but most importantly those that have sacrificed to protect and defend motherland Uganda.

This is a form of appreciating Ugandans who move an extra mile to offer a unique service to their motherland.

In January 26th 1986, Ugandans woke up to great news when it was announced on Radio Uganda that Museveni who had led a protracted people’s war had captured Kampala and overthrown the then fascist regime of the UNLA.

The liberation war which was fought between 1981-86 should not be seen as an end in itself.

Rather, it was a moment of glory in which the People of Uganda opened a new chapter to rescue themselves from dictatorship and misrule.



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