Soccer Without Borders overcoming barriers in Uganda

Soccer Without Borders Kampala

While soccer has millions of fans today, it’s more than just a game or a chance for punters to make some extra cash at Betway.

Soccer connects people from all over the world, breaking barriers and crossing boundaries.

That’s what Soccer Without Borders is focused on, dedicating their skills and resources to building an inclusive society using football as the universal language. 

A Little About Soccer Without Borders

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Launched in 2006, Soccer Without Borders is fulfilling its vision using youth-development initiatives that serve Underprivileged youth in over 65 countries.

This nonprofit organization uses soccer as a tool to create a meaningful impact on society as they believe that’s more important than the game. As such, their programs center around the sport’s interpersonal element to meaningfully impact the youths’ social, physical, and individual progression. 

Today, this organization is impacting over 2000 kids annually, stretching in over ten countries. In the U.S., the organization has its offices in Seattle, Greely, Baltimore, and Oakland. Additionally, over 70% of the refugees seeking asylum in the country are participants of Soccer Without Borders. 

Internationally, this nonprofit has program offices in Nicaragua and Uganda, where they’ve been present for about a decade. It has also worked in several other countries in Africa and Latin America.

Soccer Without Borders In Uganda

After setting up their offices in Uganda in 2008, Soccer Without Borders has helped thousands of youth within the span of a decade.

Besides wagering on soccer with Betway sports betting, Uganda and the neighboring countries are grateful to football, after benefiting immensely from the football programs established by this organization.

These initiatives provide the opportunity for expression, exchange, and education centered on football.

Besides helping youths in tough situations to flourish, the organization aims to play an active role in solving social issues and facilitate their integration into the world of work.

In Uganda, less than 10% of the soccer players are female, and the organization has started targeting women and getting spectacular results.

These results are most notable in terms of personal development and school performance.

Thanks to Soccer Without Borders efforts to support girls in the region, over 40% of the participants in the organization’s programs are girls.

However, both the refugees and the locals come together to participate in festivals, tournaments, and other events geared towards strengthening the links between communities.

How Soccer Is Helping

Like any other sport, soccer can act as an agent of change in modern society.

While the NGO can’t eradicate poverty using sports, soccer helps blur their divisive lives of inequalities created by poverty.

The game helps to build the children’s developmental need, before trying to address more significant needs in the surrounding society. 

Due to its efforts in helping vulnerable youths, Soccer Without Borders got recognized as the 2016 Barrie and Marie Lipman Family Prize winner.

The organization also got the Urban Soccer Symposium Impact 2017 award given by the U.S. soccer and the 2017 FIFA Diversity Award.



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