BoU warns as Bobi Wine name is written on money


Bank of Uganda has warned members of the public against disrespecting the national currency by painting graffiti on it.

The warning followed a complaint by a concerned citizen Masha Abrah Abbie who tweeted accusing members of People Power Movement led by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of writing on the national currency.

Abbie shared a picture showing Shs1,000; Shs2,000; Shs5,000, Shs10,000; Shs20,000 and Shs50,000 bank notes written on: “Vote/Londa…Bobi Wine 2021 President”.

“@BOU_Official should issue an urgent directive on tampering with legal tender, bills with such stupid ink prints must be rejected for any form of transaction,” Abbie tweeted.

Victoria University

He added: “Am giving BOU and Police 48 hours to issue a statement.”

In response, Bank of Uganda said “this is wrong, deliberately writing on Banknotes is a disrespectful way of handling money”.

It added: “Writing on Banknotes is called graffiti and it can get you into trouble with the Police.”

Bank of Uganda has the sole right to print/mint, issue and destroy banknotes and coins in Uganda.

It is not clear whether the person who wrote on the currency is a member of People Power or Bobi Wine’s supporter.



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