Floods: 17 dead in Bundibugyo, Bugisu death toll rises to 13

A man carries an elderly woman amidst heavy Bundibugyo floods

Uganda Red Cross Society has so far recovered 17 bodies from floods that hit Bundibugyo district on Saturday in Western Uganda.

On the day of the incident, Red Cross confirmed 11 people dead and many more missing.

“Bundibugyo floods; so far 11 confirmed dead. Our teams are working with the Military and police to manage the situation. Search and rescue efforts underway,” said Red Cross Secretary General, Robert Kwesiga.

According to the map of flood incidences on Saturday, 7th December 2019 in Bundibugyo District, the most affected areas include; Kirindi Town and Bumpomboli village in Harugale Sub County.

Victoria University

The floods in Harugale, Tokwe, Kirumya,Ngamba, Bukonzo, Bubukwanga and Bundibugyo town council displaced atleast 4,000 people.

According to Rapid Assessment on-going by Uganda Red Cross Society Action Team, the heavy rains that have persisted in the last couple of days are to blame.

Areas around the Mt. Elgon and Rwenzori have suffered adverse effects.

Red Cross said Sunday that it had recovered more 16 bodies from the flood waters.

“Our Response action team in Bundibugyo is up and running. So far 16 bodies retrieved. We are doing dead body management to ensure dignity of those claimed by the tragedy. Thanks to our volunteers (RCATs) in action,” Red Cross said.

It added: “Our team continues to recover more bodies including some that are trapped by cocoa trees in Bundibugyo hills. It is a very devastating moment. We have deployed a Psycho Social Support team to offer emotional support to those affected.”

Bugisu death toll rises

Meanwhile, nine more bodies have been recovered in Bududa and Sironko districts following landslides in Bugisu sub-region bringing the death toll so far to 13.

The search and rescue team led by police and Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) retrieved the bodies using an excavator on Friday and Saturday.

More are feared dead as several people are still missing in the affected villages of Naposhi, Shikhururwe and Namasa in Bushika Sub-county and Naroko village in Bunabutiti sub-county.

Another landslide hit villages of Bunagisa village in Shimoma parish in Zesui sub -county in Sironko district.

Four more bodies have recovered and eight are still missing.

In Manafwa district, resident are also living in fear after reports of fresh cracks, which have been cited in parishes of Bumukari, Butuwa, Bukimanayi and Bunamungoma in Kaato Sub-county.



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