Students join anti-UN protests in Congo

Protesters denounce MONUSCO

By Radio Okapi

The Governor of South Kivu, Theo Kasi Nguabidje, has called upon the people of his province to calm and appeasement.

He made the call after the peaceful march Wednesday (December 4th) by a group of Bukavu students to denounce insecurity in Beni, North Kivu, and Minembwe, South Kivu.

At the end of this march, the students gave him a memorandum; in which they demand the return of peace not only in South Kivu, but also in North Kivu.

Victoria University

Those who attack the property of the UN Mission in the current situation, are mistaken target, also said the governor of South Kivu at the end of a meeting the same day with the head of office of MONUSCO in Province.

MONUSCO remains the privileged partner in stabilizing the entire eastern part of the DRC, he said.

“The enemy for us is the activism of armed groups, it is the warlords, it is the people who manipulate, who want to create hatred between communities. Not MONUSCO. Not the government,” said Theo Kasi Nguabidje.



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