Whistle-blower claims LDC bosses selling marks for sex or Shs20m


A whistle-blower has petitioned the Inspectorate of Government to investigate complaints of corruption and abuse of office against the Director and Academic Registrar of Law Deployment Centre [LDC].

Mugerwa S. Ramathan, in his November 9, 2019 and received by IGG on November 14, 2019, says LDC director Mr Frank Nigel Othembi and the Academic Registrar Mr Turyahikayo Evaristo sometimes aid other staff members  to collect money in forged failures of students.

He said this was at its highest in 2016 to 2018 where a number of students’ marks were exchanged upon payment of huge sums of money ranging Shs1m to Shs20m depending on the subjects failed and the score to be exchanged.

“This can be evidenced by the scripts and recorded marks in their computer system and results register books and the quality of work in different answer scripts vis avis the mark given,” Mugerwa wrote.

Victoria University

“They also use their relationship with female students to sneak them on to the list of those who passed the courses and the graduation lists.”

He said such lists include names that didn’t appeal the mark or if they appealed their mark, miraculously rose from the smallest pass mark yet those missing a mark can’t raise the pass mark.

According to Mugerwa, the appeal window is the most used to mint hundreds of millions by the said officers as students scramble to get on the graduation list/book.

“The director sexually exploits female students to get them on the graduation list,” he said.

Mugerwa believes this has caused high repeating fees where students who are supposed to pay Shs4.5m for 15 subjects end up paying Shs10m to repeat less than eight of the same subjects.

“Deliberate errors are made to get money from victims missing on the graduation lists for such errors or replace their names with outer students who have capacity to pay the deserved money to purchase a slot in the graduation positions.”

He said when government ordered Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] to collect monies collected from supplementary exams, director Nigel begun the policy of forcing students to subscribe to alumni association which is privately managed.

Mugerwa accuses the director of swindling alumni fees and dealing with private lawyers who charge fees either to defend matters he should have settled given his knowledge as a lawyer.

“The said officers release results before marking some students as was the case in June 2019 where students who didn’t have clerkship marks and others were on graduation lists and indeed graduated.”

The whistle-blower calls for an audit into alumni fees, examinations and a thorough lifestyle audit of director and academic registrar who reportedly travel for international events like World Cup etc.

“Now is their peak season given the pending graduation on December 13, 2019 and they are taking the money from students and abusing others sexually to get them on the graduation lists,” he said.



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