Uganda is grand seat of corruption, says ex-MP

Simbwa holding his placard

Former Makindye East MP John Simbwa Wednesday morning carried a placard as he protested increasing corruption in Uganda.

Simbwa who served in the ninth parliament was donning a white kanzu inscribed on anti-corruption messages and carrying a yellow placard with the same.

“Corruption is game of shame. Uganda is the grand seat of corruption,” read his placard.

“There is a syndicate corruption. Let us start the journey of hope. Be a game changer, the world has enough followers,” read some of his messages.

Victoria University

Meanwhile, President Museveni was leading an anti-corruption walk from the Constitutional Square to Kololo airstrip.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah made a bold statement and re-committed on behalf of the Parliament to fight corruption.

Oulanyah said that corruption is widespread across society and it is upon the citizens to step up and engage in the fight to end the vice.

Referring to the Bible in the story of Jesus where he asked those who felt a woman had committed sin to cast the first stone, the Deputy Speaker said that, ‘’let he who has not practised corruption cast the first stone’, we would be shocked at how many stones would fly here’.

President Museveni said that he is not corrupt and has never stolen from anyone but that he is wealthy.

He added that corrupt persons are parasites who get wealthy from what they have not worked for.

“Corrupt people are bad investors. They think that God does not see them. For last 60 years, I have not seen corrupt people have their wealth sustainably,” Museveni said adding that, ‘the Deputy Speaker said that no stone would be thrown at the corrupt. Let them bring a corrupt person here, I will be the first to throw a stone. I am not corrupt’.

The Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe also read a commitment on behalf of the Judiciary.

It was attended by hundreds of people including cabinet ministers, Members of Parliament, civil servants, the diplomatic corps and religious leaders.

The walk was also attended by private and civil society organisations.



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