Tormentor Agero arrests Besigye, drives him back home

Police intercepts Besigye in Mpererwe

Police Wednesday arrested opposition figure Kizza Besigye while heading to Kampala to lead an anti-corruption walk to the city centre.

Police first deployed and besieged Besigye’s home in Kasangati to prevent him from leaving the premises.

Besigye later managed to leave his home and lead a procession only to be intercepted and arrested in Mpererwe along Gayaza Road, Wakiso district.

His car was put on a breakdown and towed by police back to his home.

Victoria University

“Having defeated the barricade placed around our home this morning, I could only make it to Mpererwe (8km to City centre),” Besigye said.

“Am disappointed that the Corruption Parade led by Mr M7 wasn’t adequately challenged by their victims. Struggle continues.”

Besigye said the police recovery truck used by Police to tow “my vehicle has also spent the night in custody at our home for, among others, damaging our garden”.

“Supporting criminal ventures of the Junta has a price! I’ve learnt, however, that it was an errant driver of a truck belonging to good people.”

His aide, Ronald Muhinda, said “as the corrupt led by Museveni demonstrated in town in support of their corruption, the Anti-Corruption March led by President Kizza Besigye was blocked by corrupt police officers working for the corrupt”.

Muhinda said Besigye managed to evade a security siege at his home and Police found him in Jam on Mpererwe.

He said those who demonstrated in town with Museveni are “armed robbers, whose actions go beyond corruption”.

Speaking in Luganda, Besigye labelled them “Bakoondo” [thieves].

“All those who walked with Mr. Museveni are armed robbers (Bakoondo” with Museveni at the helm of the armed robbers”, Besigye said.

To stop Besigye, Muhinda said all police machinery was deployed along Gayaza road.

Tormentor Agero

According to Muhinda, Besigye’s tormentor SSP Rashid Agero commanded the operation to curtail the People’s Government President’s movement.

SSP Agero

Agero is the cop who recently commanded the operation to destroy Besigye’s vehicle’s windscreen with a gun at Spear junction, Nakawa.

“He commanded invasion of Besigye’s residence/compound to block him from leading Anti-Corruption Match in town. SAD!” Muhinda said.

He added: “This time, Agero camouflaged with a hat and when activists identified him, he ran away from the compound not to been seen again.”



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