Museveni: I’ve never stolen from anybody yet I’m rich

President Museveni [Photos credit Next Media]

President Museveni has said that those who steal from others never prosper because stolen things are usually cursed.

The president was Wednesday rallying the country in the fight against corruption at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala.

“Corrupt people are parasites. They get wealth which they did not earn. It is like a tick that sucks a cow’s blood without giving back anything to the cow,” Museveni said.

The president said in 60 years, he has not seen any corrupt person being wealthy sustainably.

Victoria University

“I have never stolen anything from anybody yet I’m a rich man. All the people that steal, somehow things don’t work out.”

“The other day I was on social media, when I was with my cows in Kisozi, and I was telling some people a story about how I was fighting the government of Idi Amin and Milton Obote. They came two times to steal our cows but they didn’t succeed.”

He said they only managed to blow up his mother’s house with an RPG but never succeeded in stealing the cows “because we never stole them in the first place”.

According to Museveni, corruption is both a moral and spiritual problem.

“It is a moral problem because you make yourself a parasite. They think the bad things they do are not being seen by God. It seems wealth acquired in dubious ways comes with bad luck.”

He said corruption is both a moral and a spiritual problem. Spiritually, corrupt people are bad investors.

“They think because people don’t see them, God doesn’t see them. I would throw the first stone because I am not corrupt. I have never stolen anything from anybody but I am also not a poor man.”

Museveni said there is a material basis for corruption and that political leaders should arrange the economy.

“If our people don’t have jobs and income, the temptation is high. President It’s not correct to only speak in terms of morality and spirituality without talking about the socio-economic side. We must help everybody get jobs and wealth. That is why recently I went around talking about jobs and wealth creation.”

He said the wealth creation sectors are commercial agriculture, industry, services and ICT and that anybody who delays projects in these four sectors is indirectly an enemy in the fight against corruption.

“Let us develop our economy, then we can preach the moral and spiritual side.”



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