Angry residents lynch Congo soldier, wife in Beni


Angry Congolese who are dissatisfied with killings by militia on Sunday lynched a government soldier and his wife in Beni, North Kivu province.

The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) said in a social media message that “Sergeant Bahati Sisimbume of the 3101st Regiment and his wife were lynched to death by residents”.

He was preparing to join his unit in Ituri forest.

While condemning this barbarous act, the FARDC called on the population to support its army and not fight it.

Victoria University

The residents are angry at security forces as well as United Nations Mission in DR Congo [MONUSCO] soldiers for “doing nothing” while Allied Democratic Forces [ADF] rebels continue to butcher the locals.

A week ago, ADF killed 13 people in Kukutama, a village about 10km (six miles) from the city of Oicha, where 28 people died during a previous attack earlier in the week.

Congo army responded by killing Mouhamed Mukubwa Islam – one of the top three leaders of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group – during a military operation in Mapobu forest, in the Beni region of North Kivu province.

FARDC’s official report of recent operations against the ADF launched on October 30, 2019, says 80 enemy combatants were killed including four of their commanders.

“FARDC still track two of their leaders present in Beni Mayangose, Tsotsota, Mwalika and Kididiwe recovered,” the army said.

“On ADF fighters killed or captured, money from foreign countries (Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi) was found. Moreover, no Congolese is among the listed ADF commanders, all foreigners,” it added.



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