Ghetto envoy Full Figure opens office in Katwe

Full Figure's office

Ghetto Presidential envoy Jenifer Nakagubi aka Full Figure on Saturday opened up her new office in Katwe division, Kampala city.

Duncan Abigaba, the deputy head at Government Citizen Interaction Centre, said it was “a busy day in Katwe commissioning the office of the Presidential Envoy to the Ghetto, Madame Excellency Jennifer Full Figure-less”.

“However, my question is, is she an Envoy of the President of Uganda or of the Chairman of NRM? The place was full of party colours yet she is a State House employee. Ever heard of Workers Party of North Korea?” wondered the former Presidential Assistant at Office Of The President.

The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] spokesperson, Rogers Mulindwa, attended the event with other party leaders.

Rogers Mulindwa addressing NRM leaders

Mulindwa also addressed Kampala Central NRM leaders at Nakivubo Blue Primary School.

Commenting on the historic moment, Full Figure thanked everyone for sacrificing their time to turn up in large numbers and support her.

Full Figure on her big day

She said while it was raining, people still showed up and never budged wondering how rumours of “NRM carrying people to venues” came about.

“We didn’t carry any one here. Thank you for loving HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni thanks to the NRM members that have attended together,” she said.



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