Amin health care better than Museveni’s death traps- FDC

Kikonyogo addressing press

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is concerned with the declining state of the health care system that is now known for death traps and reason dignitaries both in government and private sector run to either private clinics or hospital or abroad for treatment.

John Kikonyogo, Deputy Party Spokesperson, said even when Dr. Apollo Militon Obote and Idi Amin Dada’s governments have continued to be a measurement of bad government by the NRM, the same had all their children delivered at Mulago Hospital; they were treated from the same facility.

In 1969 when Dr. Milton Obote was shot, he was treated at Mulago National Referral Hospital.

Today, even a sweeper in state house runs to either Agha khan in Nairobi, South Africa or India for a simple headache treatment.

Victoria University

“We have seen Museveni’s daughters chartered for private jets to deliver in Germany, a clear indicator of mistrust in our health care system,” Kikonyogo told press on Monday at Najjanankumbi head offices.

He said unfortunately, people working in these hospitals are Ugandan trained Medical doctors (Experts) who ran away from Uganda because of poor working conditions and remuneration.

“Last week on Wednesday 20th November 2019, we saw the late Hon. Hajji Medie Ssozi Kagwa collapse near Mulago round about at the gate to the National Referral Hospital on his way to work.”

“As we mourn the loss of this great man, many questions continue to linger into the minds of many Ugandans on how a person who collapsed at the entrance of the National Referral Hospital (Mulago) but instead was taken by a Doctor who works in the same National referral to a private clinic/ hospital (Case Hospital) for emergency treatment.”

He said for the last 20 years, the government of Uganda has been spending abnormal sums of money on treatment of government officials, and their relatives abroad.

In the last 3 years, the total spent on this kind of treatment is 377 Billion shillings which would have been utilized in refurbishing Mulago and upgrading regional referrals to International Standards.

This would benefit all Ugandans irrespective of their positions.

The FDC 2016-2021 Manifesto highlights a number of things that ought to be done in revamping our health care systems which include among others;

1. Our health services work force will be given a rewarding and compensation package. The starting salary for a doctor will be UGX3.5 million.

2. Invest in our National referral hospital system by accelerating the renovation and expansion of Mulago hospital and other regional and district hospitals to form the nervous system of our national healthcare programme.

3. Establish a nation-wide emergence ambulance and air rescue service that will be accessible to every citizen in need and offer specialized services for women and especially mothers.

4. Establish a health insurance scheme to ensure coverage for all citizens who do not have insurance from private health service providers or work-based insurance schemes.

5. Dedicate at least 2 percent of the health sector budget towards cutting-age applied health research in diagnostics and treatment, with particular focus on major illnesses including cancer, kidney and heart diseases.

Lastly, as an immediate remedy, medical insurance to all government officials including Members of Parliament and Cabinet that is being paid to private hospitals and clinics should be handled by our National Referral Hospital (Mulago), other Regional and district referrals.

All members of Parliament and Cabinet should be treated from Mulago National Referral Hospital as a must, Kikonyogo suggested.

“This will help in upgrading our hospitals to offer good health care services to all Ugandans. Also, we should repossess our government land that is opposite Mulago, build housing units for doctors and provide shuttle vehicles from the Housing Units to Mulago Hospital.”



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