Ssenyonyi: man who sued People Power wants money

Joel Ssenyonyi

People Power Movement spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi has lashed out at the man who sued its leaders claiming it was an illegal entity.

In July this year, Adens Ntare Rutaro dragged Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and opposition figure Dr.Kizza Besigye to court for operating People Power and People’s government without officially registering them.

In a petitioned before the Constitutional Court, Ntare who describes himself as a voter from Ruhaama accuses People Power of taking part in political activities without officially being registered as a political party.

“The actions of the first and second respondent in establishing unregistered political organisations or parties under and the names and styles of People Power movement and People’s government, mobilizing political activities and membership with a view of influencing political process, sponsoring a political agenda and offering a platform to candidates for election to political offices are in contravention of Article 72(2) of the constitution,” Rutaro says in his petition.

Victoria University

The petitioner says that establishing and running and mobilization in regards to political activities with a national structure is a reserve of registered political parties.

On Wednesday, People Power’s Ssenyonyi appeared in court to attend proceedings of the case.

Outside court, he told press that the likes of Ntare were seeking President Museveni’s attention and the money he is dishing out to buy off opposition as well as youth.

“Today [Wednesday] we appeared at the Constitutional court after a one Adens Ntare sued myself and Hon Robert Kyagulanyi(Bobi Wine), saying we run People Power as a party yet it’s not,” Ssenyonyi said.

“I will repeat for the likes of Ntare who are looking for attention and perhaps some of the money that Mr. Museveni is dishing out lately.”

He added: “People Power is not a political party, it is a movement/platform that embraces every Ugandan who wants to  see change, regardless of their party, religion, tribe, etc.”

In his petition, Rutaro asked the court to declare activities of the People Power movement and the People’s government illegal and should, therefore, be halted in their current form.

The lawsuit arose after Bobi Wine announced a team of over 140 politicians who would serve as coordinators for his pressure group.

Besigye too had just addressed his first national assembly for the self-proclaimed People’s Government.


Ssenyonyi said none of this will disorganise them and that such people [Ntare] are just attention seekers who are looking for own survival.

“We would have picked guns to go to the bush but we want to do it in a legal way. Ugandans are interested and the regime is already shaken.”



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