Congo army dismantles ADF camp, neutralises commanders

Congo soldiers in Beni

Congo army says it has neutralised two Allied Democratic Forces [ADF] commanders and dismantled their main camp in Beni Province.

This happened during the fighting on Sunday 18 November in Mapobu (Bambuba-Kisiki) in Beni province.

FARDC leading General Chico’s units neutralised two ADF commanders Mzee wa Kazi and Sarah while two government soldiers also fell on the field of honour.

Major Mak Hazukay, spokesperson for Operation Sukola 1 Grand-Nord, said the camp of Mapobu, a major stronghold of the ADF, was home to a mosque, a training camp, a dispensary and a large quantity of pharmaceutical products, more than twenty cans of oil and solar panels.

Victoria University

“Mapobu is now secure,” he said on Monday.

According to Maj Mak, the unfortunate resurgence of massacres against the population in the territory of Beni, the FARDC see these crimes as a final desperate manoeuvre of the ADF, currently “caught on three axes”.

FARDC soldiers with a UN soldier on duty

“This is an old strategy of the enemy that is known. Every time he is in deep trouble he tries to organize criminal reprisals on the population to dirty us in order to dissociate ourselves from the population. That we know.”

He added: “They want to disorient the army and at the same time, they think that by doing that, they will disengage us, we are working to protect the settlements and the depth.”



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