Opposition says Med Kaggwa frustrated by regime

Hon Dr Med Kaggwa

The Peoples Government – PG has accused President Museveni’s government of frustrating the deceased Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).

“It is with deep sorrow that we have learnt of the death of Hon Med Kaggwa,” PG said in a statement.  

Kaggwa died Wednesday morning at Case hospital in Kampala after collapsing in his car around Mulago.

According to PG, Med Kagwa was a dedicated defender of human rights “whose efforts were frustrated by the regime he served”.

“We ask the Almighty to accord the family strength as they go through this trying moment. May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace!” reads the statement.

Kaggwa’s death comes at a time the opposition is gathering signatures to take Museveni to the International Criminal Court [ICC] for crimes against humanity and gross violation of human rights.

By November 15, PG was calling up all Ugandans in the diaspora to sign the People’s Petition to ICC through the online Link — http://chng.it/TvsjhK9Lck

Copies of the petition form have also been sent to the FDC diaspora chapter offices through the People’s Government Ambassadors for signing.

“For those who cannot directly reach these offices please sign the online petition here – http://chng.it/TvsjhK9Lck.,” the statement said.

Over 130 Districts and Constituencies have received the petition forms for signing. Leaders who have not picked forms can go to plot 6 Katonga road in Nakasero Kampala.

Over 2,500 people in Rukungiri district have so far signed  the petition, according to Patrick Kanyesigye the General secretary FDC Rukungiri.

The petition spearheaded by the People’s Government led by Former President of the Forum for Democratic Change Party- FDC Dr Kiiza Besigye that started on Tuesday 12th/ Nov / 2019 requires at least two million Ugandans to append their signatures.

The People’s Government will hand over the petition to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to open cases of crime against humanity against President Museveni and other government officials in security agencies.

Kaggwa was one of those key personalities with tangible evidence or witness potential for this case.



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