Museveni to return Kabaka Mutesa car, renovate Kasubi tombs

Museveni shakes hands with Kabaka

President Museveni attended a public lecture held in memory of Ssekabaka Edward Mutesa ll at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

At the same ceremony, Ssekabaka Mutesa was posthumously awarded the Independence Golden Jubilee Medal while Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi received the Nalubale Medal.

In the aftermath of Independence, Museveni was a member of the Democratic Party.

“From the very beginning, we did not agree with the Kabaka Yeka Party because of the unacceptable demands they had tabled, including having a state within a state,” he said.

Victoria University

However, Milton Obote lied to them that if they supported him, he would meet all their demands, Museveni explained.

President Museveni

“It never happened. Instead disagreements began, starting with those relating to the army and its sectarianism. The rest is known.”

Mutesa however supported the East African Federation in association with the Grace Ibingira negotiating team.

He was a Pan-Africanist, close to Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and other leaders in the region.

Kabaka Mutesa’s car

“Perhaps if we had linked up with Sir Edward Mutesa as leaders of the young student movement, the situation would have been different.”

But Museveni later allied with the elder Yusuf Lule, who was the chairman during the struggle.

In 1981, he met Kabaka Mutebi who loves his country passionately and supported our struggle.

“We discussed with him how kingdoms would work and unify Africa by placing emphasis on linkages.”

Buganda Prime Minister Mayiga receives a Cheque from Museveni

“We therefore need to work for prosperity, strategic security and fraternity to achieve unity. I am very grateful to those who organized this lecture and wish you all success in all your activities.”

Museveni said the government will contribute Shs300m towards the renovation of the Kasubi Tombs.

It will also hand over Mutesa’s car, a Rolls Royce, that has been kept in the Uganda Museum for years.



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