FDC taking police to court ahead of 15th anniversary

FDC deputy party spokesperson Kikonyogo

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) held a Management meeting on Thursday 14th November 2019 which resolved to try all errant Police officers in Courts of law in their individual capacities.

This was revealed by John Kikonyogo, deputy party spokesperson, while addressing press on Monday at FDC offices in Najjanankumbi.

This is in line with the Human Rights (Enforcement) Act 2019 that was assented to on 31st March 2019 which clearly defines acts of torture, detention of suspects beyond 48 hours, denial of a right to a fair hearing among others.

In the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola’s Circular dated July 3rd 2019, he clearly reminded all police officers against such archaic and barbaric acts of torture and affirmed that individual officers would pay their acts at individual level.


Unfortunately, even when such laws are assented to, Uganda Police and other security agencies seem to have reached a beyond redemption level that only our efforts will help fix.

The FDC therefore decided to begin with the most recent top culprits that include ACP Dennis Namuwoza who was seen on camera trying to box and squeeze Dr. Besigye’s private parts and SSP Rashid Agero who smashed Dr. Besigye’s wind screens and sprayed his eyes with a chemical yet to be identified.


The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) will on December 16th 2019 mark its 15th year of existence.

The ceremony aimed at reinvigorating Uganda’s leading political party, will take place at Mandela National Stadium in Namboole in one of the facility’s parking.

Over 10,000 FDC leaders and members from all over the country are expected to grace the ceremony.

The FDC has also invited leaders from sister political parties in Uganda and from the African continent.

The FDC was born on December 16th 2004 out of a merger of three political platforms; Reform Agenda, Parliamentary Advocacy Forum (PAFO) and National Democratic Front (NDF).

It is at this function that the FDC will unveil a robust programme that will guide the final push against the dictator and dictatorship.

“Meanwhile we would like to remind FDC members and supporters that the recently announced zonal teams will be in your villages to check on the health of the party,” Kikonyogo said.

In villages where no leadership exist, a committee of six comprising two youth (male and female), an elder, person with disability, a woman and one more member will be put in place.

The committee of six will organize members to elect five more leaders who together will make eleven.

The eleven per village will elect parish leadership and later sub-county.

These leaders will run the FDC affairs until general internal elections are organized.


The Party is concerned with the unending disagreements between Uganda and her neighbour Rwanda which is immensely costing both Countries including loss of life and property.

After signing the MOU in Angola, we thought there would be some semblance of peace, this was followed by a bilateral meeting in Kigali between the two Countries with a follow up meeting that was meant to take place in Kampala but has since been cancelled and as a result we saw 2 Ugandans shot in Rwanda.

“Like we indicated before, there seems to be something that the two Countries are hiding and probably the bilateral meetings they are conducting are only a make-up of an ugly situation a head.”

“We need an immediate explanation of what is happening such that as Ugandans, we can jointly contribute on solving the crisis.”



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