Museveni is buying off opposition, Zaake tells VOA

MP Zaake

Mityana Municipality MP Zaake Francis Butebi‏ on Thursday appeared on Voice of America [VOA] in Washington DC to discuss the current political environment in Uganda.

Francis Zaake is an independent member of the Parliament of Uganda. He is a member of the Committee of Defence and Internal Affairs.

Asked about the current state of opposition in Uganda, Zaake said the situation in Uganda rotates around continued torture, arrests and government’s intolerance of the opposition.

“They demoralise us, they do unlawful arrests…the continued bribery of the opposition…” he rumbled on.

Zaake and Bobi Wine
Victoria University

He accused Government of spending tax payers’ money on buying off the opposition.

When asked how the government counters that accusation since there was no representative from the state, Zaake said the government has actually made Ugandans believe that the situation is normal.

“That the way government is dealing with the opposition is normal. They have made the abnormal situation normal.”

He went on: “But we don’t take it as normal. We have made Ugandans believe that what government is telling them is not real.”

Zaake then told VOA that the young people were looking to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to lead them in 2021 general elections.

“We are organising ourselves, we are trying to talk to our colleagues in other political parties so they can buy the idea of us young people representing them in 2021 elections with Bobi Wine,” he concluded.



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