Kenzo girl Amaal wears gloomy face at Rema intro

Amaal looking gloomy

Thursday 14th November 2019 was a happy day for many as songstress Rema Namakula introduced her fiancé Hamza Ssebunya in a grand introduction ceremony.

But not for all. Some like Rema’s daughter with musician Eddy Kenzo were seen wearing depressed faces at what was supposed to be a happy occasion.

As if to say, she wasn’t happy with her mother’s decision to leave her father and marry Hamza, young Amaal Musuuza used her face to express her feelings.

Amaal waves at the guests

She led the children [agemates] in a cute procession to greet the guests who included celebrities, media personalities and the Queen of Buganda Slyvia Nabagereka Nagginda.

Victoria University

While her mother was smiling from ear to ear, Amaal who was clad in a red gomesi with glittering accessories, could not even afford a grin.

Looking like a princess, she just waved at her audience with a dark face as if it was “a business as usual”.

She then led her fellow kids to the tents while dancing to Irene Ntale’s Stamina Daddy. Yet, the guests were actually excited.

Clan leaders not amused

Clan leaders were against Rema or involving Amaal in her Buganda traditional ceremony known as Kukyala last month.

The traditional ceremony was held at the home of the Late Godfrey Mabirizi in Naguru on October 9, 2019, in preparation for the wedding.

Dr. Adam Kimala, former Prime Minister of Mmamba clan, told New Vision that a child is not supposed to attend the introduction ceremony of her mother.

A section of the public came out to condemn Rema for involving their daughter with Kenzo in their private engagement. 

Others say it was right for the child to be present at the ceremony to network with her ‘stepfather’- Ssebunya, at an early stage.

Amaal waves at the guests

According to Kimala, a child is neither supposed to be one of the bridal entourage team on the mother’s wedding nor supposed to attend the introduction ceremony.”

Even when after the burial ceremony at the in-laws when the father is expected to take local brew (Ekita kyo’mwenge), he is accompanied by a sister.

Gajuule Kayiira, head of Mbogo clan concurs with Kimala, told New Vision that children are not supposed to either accompany or attend anything to do with the parents’ introduction ceremony.

Citing an example that had it been Kenzo going for the introduction, he would not have gone with the child and neither would Rema be with their daughter during the event.

He explains that any person under the same circumstances, would not be accepted to let the child be part of the event.



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