I hope to inspire next generation leaders, says Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine in New York

Singing lawmaker Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine says he was exceedingly humbled for being named among 100 top influential people across the globe.

Bobi Wine was listed in the American Time Magazine among the exceedingly talented people that can be referred to as stars.

“This is exceedingly humbling. Dedicating this recognition to the young people of Uganda, especially the ghetto youth,” Bobi Wine said in appreciation.

Bobi Wine speaks to a journalist

“May this be a reminder and encouragement that you’re not what your detractors say you are. You are what you choose to be!”

Victoria University

The Ugandan pop star spent his career singing about social injustice. In 2017, he won a seat in parliament.

Now he has set his sights higher, taking on President Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled for the past 33 years.

Bobi Wine said he was delighted to spend the better part of Thursday evening at the TIME 100 next event in New York City.

He was also glad to interact and network with fellow honorees from around the world.

“These are ordinary people doing extra ordinary things. Each one of these individuals has an incredible story. Most of them have had to beat very difficult odds to rise to the top,” he said.

The singer was very moved by how so many influential people stand in solidarity with our struggle for human rights and good governance.

“In fact, many of these people are pursuing the same mission as us, except that they are doing so on different fronts- science, technology, business, innovation, activism, etc.”

Inspiring the next generation of leaders

He said they all agreed that the future belongs to young people and must work together to empower the next generation of leaders.

“I hope my story and those of these others like me, continue to inspire young people in Uganda and Africa to realise that there is nothing they cannot achieve.”

He added: “All you need to do is to believe in yourself, set your goals high, and work hard each day to fulfil them.”

Bobi Wine said he was honoured to be named amongst the TIME 100 Next- a list of the world’s next most influential people and rising stars.

“I am very delighted to share this recognition with 99 other highly accomplished individuals who are shaping the future of business, entertainment, sports, politics, health, science and activism, and more.”

“I have been reflecting on my life and the many things I have gone through – from selling radio cassettes on the streets of Kampala; to collecting grasshoppers for survival; to working as a dobbi, etc. Now, making it to such a list! I can only return all the glory and praise to the Almighty and pay tribute to all those who have been part of this journey.”

He added: “When you get such a recognition, it does not only call for celebration- it also calls for deep reflection. This can only strengthen our resolve to fight on, struggle on, soldier on- until freedom, human rights and equal opportunity return to our country, and indeed our continent.”



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