NRM: we’re using Kusasira, Buchaman to transform ghetto

Dr Kenneth Omona.

Dr Kenneth Omona, the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] Deputy Treasurer, has said the government’s purpose of getting into the ghetto is to see how to improve the life of the ghetto.

Even America that has the oldest democracy hasn’t yet penetrated all areas, Omona argued on Monday morning while appearing on NBS television.

“We want to transform the lives of the people who live in the ghetto. Today, what we know about the ghetto is a misconception. We have now made ghetto mean a lifestyle.”

He said NRM is already skilling very many young people in town.

Victoria University

“We are not going to accept to be diverted by people like Betty Nambooze who are waiting to develop the ghetto.”

The Mukono Municipality legislator who was appearing on the same show, attacked NRM for turning the country into a ghetto and using singer Buchaman to confuse and destabilise People Power leader Bobi Wine who is the symbol of hope for urban poor youth.

Singer Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman, the presidential advisor on Ghetto Affairs, was formerly Bobi Wine’s deputy Ghetto President before staging a coup and assuming the position of Ghetto President.

According to Omona, Buchaman will help government reach the ghetto and transform it.

“I promise that we are going to identify many projects to transform the lives of those who live in the ghetto,” Omona said.

He added: “After skilling them, we shall inject money to help them start. We are using people like Catherine Kusasira and Buchaman to reach out to these people. Our work isn’t too propagate ghetto life.”

Kusasira, the newly appointed presidential advisor, is in charge of Kampala affairs.

Kusasira over the weekend told NTV on Saturday that as an advisor, she is more superior to any of the NRM party leaders in Kampala and therefore they have to write to her formally if they want to meet her.

She was referring to Salim Uhuru, the Kampala Central NRM Chairperson.

“The position I have is more superior whether they want it or not. They have to formally write to me if they want me to meet them,” she told NTV.



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