Mbonye attacked after girl with retakes ‘miraculously’ hits graduation list

A one Sheba who miraculously made it to the graduation list despite having retakes

Self-styled city Prophet Elvis Mbonye has come under fire for reportedly helping a Makerere university student with retakes make it to the graduation list.

The girl only identified as Sheba trended on twitter with claims that she had a dream in which the Prophet Mbonye received instructions from God to include her on the list despite having three missing papers.

Prophet Mbonye [Cartoon by Spire Ssentongo]

Her name then appeared supernaturally on the actual university list and she graduated along with her classmates.

“Meet Sheba, 🥰.. She had 3 missing marks, her name didn’t appear on the grad list,” a one Frances Mary tweeted on November 6, 2019.

Victoria University

She added: “But in a dream, the Lord told #ProphetElvisMbonye to write her name on the grad list, in the spirit. He did, and her name supernaturally appeared on the list after that.. And she graduated.”

Ssempa attacks

Controversial City Pastor Martin Ssempa of the Makerere Community Church, used the opportunity to lash out at Mbonye of Zoe Ministries.

Ssempa wondered how he is able to make missing marks re-appear yet his own deputy, a one Simon Ssenyonga, is struggling with retakes at the Law Development Centre (LDC).

Ssenyonga reportedly failed the special and supplementary final exams for the postgraduate bar course.

“As seen on page 8, #SenyongaSimon failed 4 papers, 2 times; Land Transactions, Corporate and Commercial Practice, Civil Litigation and Criminal Proceedings. So @Prophet_elvis is it that your powers fail in Law Development Center or is this antic to dupe gullible people?” Ssempa tweeted.

According to Ssempa, that didn’t make any spiritual sense, warning the prophet not to deceive Makerere students that he performs such miracles yet his deputy has failed to make it out of LDC.

He added: “Hey @Prophet_elvis if you really have the powers of helping people pass Univ exams by super powers, why have you not used the same to help your top Deputy #SimonSenyonga who has failed his #LDC law papers twice? If you have such ability, prove them on this  serial retaker!”

Ssempa was not done yet: “I personally advise you to stop duping people that you are able to help them graduate without merit. You are spreading misinformation and creating a Kibwetere cultic following of Makerere University student’s who abandon studying and focus on licking your boots.”



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