Makerere VC apologises to beaten disabled student

Nawangwe and Ssebidde

Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe has met with James Ssebidde, a student of Makerere University living with a disability, who was brutally beaten by the military during tuition protests.

Nawangwe said Ssebidde lost his property and was injured during student riots.

“I apologised to him and assured him that his damaged property will be compensated,” Nawangwe pledged.

Ssebidde would not be the victim of a protest against a planned increment in tuition at Makerere University.

Victoria University

His tuition at Makerere University is paid for by the government.

But just like the leader of the protests, Siperia Mollie Sasiraabo, he appreciates the strain that his colleagues had been going through to pay their way through a university education.



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