Kusasira refuses to meet ‘low rank’ NRM leaders

Newly appointed presidential advisor, Catherine Kusasira

Singer Catherine Kusasira, the newly appointed presidential advisor, refused to meet Kampala NRM party leaders saying she is now above them.

Kusasira told NTV on Saturday that as an advisor, she is more superior to any of the NRM party leaders in Kampala and therefore they have to write to her formally if they want to meet her.

She was referring to Salim Uhuru, the Kampala Central NRM Chairperson.

“The position I have is more superior whether they want it or not. They have to formally write to me if they want me to meet them,” she told NTV.

Victoria University

She went on: “To be a senior presidential advisor, it means I’m above them. They have to request me to go meet them to see how we can develop Kampala.”

Kusasira made the remarks during the launch of an NRM youth group in Busabala where she asked the youth to vote for President Museveni in the 2021 presidential elections.

President Museveni last month appointed Kusasira and singer Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman as his advisors.

After their appointment, Uhuru said he would invite Kusasira and Buchaman for a formal introduction on Saturday November 9 since he is the party leader for Kampala central.

“I am the elected chairman for NRM in Kampala central and there is no doubt about that. If she says she’s my boss then she should convene a meeting for NRM party in central and I’ll believe she’s my boss,” Uhuru told NTV in a phone interview.



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